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28 August 2008

Internal MIDI Bus in Mac OS X

Suppose that you have a Pd program which outputs midi data that you want Ableton Live to receive. In Mac OS X you can create an internal midi bus and then set it as the output for Pd and the input for Live! First, go into Applications/Utilities/Audio Midi Setup. The IAC Driver (Inter Application Connection or something like that?) is Mac OS X's internal midi device designed for this very purpose! Double click on the icon to look at its properties.

Now in the Ports section you can press ``+" to add a new port, you can rename it if you like. Finally make sure that the ``Device is online" checkbox is selected. 

Now just set the midi output in Pd to the new IAC bus and activate track and remote (or whatever) in Live. All done!


K. said...

I'm running .pd app for theremin midi control on my MacBook, everything is set up properly (I suppose) - I've made new port/device in IAC Driver controls, activated it, set up as Midi output in PD, then activated IAC Output & Input (tack & remote) in Ableton Live.
In PD I can see that values are changing with the sound flow, but I get no midi signals in A. Live.

I even tried re-routing/re-chaining midi ins and outs - no positive results.

I'm stuck and have no idea what to do.

mahasiswa teladan said...